Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Quadrant Quilted

 The first quadrant of my QAYG quilt is done. I imagine there are loads of folks who think they don't have time to make a big quilt, but this took just over an hour (not counting using 2 year old already pieced blocks) to assemble and quilt. It measures a little over 32" which is just right for my plan. I added narrow connecting strips to join the blocks since that will be repeated in the completed design. Actually thinking ahead!

 The back is one piece of fabric and it was cut from a single yard. The leftovers will be used in the central sashing to join all four quadrants.

 The quilting was done from the backside! Otherwise I wouldn't be able to see where I was going on that busy pieced front. 

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Flippin' Format

These are 16 blocks from a set of 36 that I made in 2015. Never got around to doing anything with them. But since my class/demo of Quilt as you go, I got excited about using these in a flip and sew format. 

 Off the top of the pile I just picked the first four blocks. Each measures 16" and with connecting strips I can make the section a tiny bit larger, equaling nearly 32" after quilting. Thinking with my math brain for a minute, four sets of these will make a big 64" quilt but if I add borders I can make it closer to 72x84" which is a decent size twin quilt.

 The backing will be four one yard pieces of fabric, either from my stash or newly purchased (heehee!) I am wanting another yellow quilt and just don't have enough yellow in prints so I must shop. One yard will yield a good amount of leftover fabric, which can be incorporated into the center cross sashing, plus borders and binding. Economical, yes? 

 So where does the flipping come in? I think the center cross sashing will be stripped and flip and sew quilted. All of these pieces will be joined, with narrow connecting strips, quilt as you go fashion. Easy peeesey!

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Flip and Sew QAYG

There were some fabrics leftover from the demo quilt and I wanted to include Flip and Sew for my class on Saturday. Using ONLY leftover strips and leftover batting.
Quilted center, 36x43" ready for adding QAYG borders. 

I had some strips of batting which I connected by using this Heat Press tape and a teflon sheet. Worked great!

 This made a large piece of batting about 36x44" and I then used a large ruler to divide the batting into three parts. 
 I found a yard of fabric in my stash that was used for the backing. Then I got out my strip collection to add to the leftovers from the demo quilt. 

 The beginning two strips lined up with the edges of section #1. I used a walking foot to sew them and quilt them down simultaneously.
Each strip is added to the previous ones and pressing as I go. The whole quilt took about three hours total. I can then add borders to enlarge this finished start.

Friday, March 10, 2017

Getting Ready

So much going on here at Chez Johnson, including GARDENING!!! Today, once I got cleaned up from shoveling new dirt into the flower beds, transplanting things and making room for new plants, I got back into the studio. Putting the demo quilt together on the design wall took less than an hour, but I had put it off all month. Now I have pulled out the previous examples of QAYG quilts that were under the bed, in the closet and hiding away from use. Looks like I have plenty of samples of finished work.
 I love that the quilting ended up being an Ohio Star in the center of each block
 The front and back of the QAYG demo quilt. For more info on this process see my old blogpost.

Monday, March 6, 2017

Catching Up

 After several revisions I have decided to use the Ohio Star layout for my demo quilt. I have started sewing it together, but keep getting distracted by life....and knitting. This is  Cardivest #11 and is made from Noro Taiyo, 40% Cotton, 30% Silk, 15% Nylon, 15% Wool. 40" bust, and 22" long. Mother of  pearl buttons. $100. Email me.


Thursday, March 2, 2017


I am preparing a demo for my sister's store on Quilt as you go, and these are the fabrics from their inventory to use for the store sample. 
 From the nine lengths of batik (12" wide) I cut off 8 inches, leaving the remaining 4 inches for later. Then I cut 5 squares from the 8" strips. Those then were cut in half on the diagonal. Because the batik is good on both sides, one triangle could be flipped over to make the mitered square.
 The first arrangement was just put on the design wall as it was cut. 5x9=45 blocks.
Then I tried it vertical with the extra strip added between rows. Uninspiring.
And then I forgot about the mitering idea and just did chevrons. Although better, I am still not convinced that this will be the final layout.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Just One More . . . Vest #10

This vest was on the needles and I felt I needed to finish it before I really and truly switched over to quilting. Really LOVE this pullover version! The lines are so flattering and the 'empire waist' added just the right amount of length to make this longer yet maintaining the design. The size is 42" bust and hip and 24" long. The yarn is Araucania Nature Wool and Cascade Casablanca. $100 Email me.